Data Driven Application of SEL in Education

Supporting Whole School and Whole Child Development

Teacher success and student well being


Why Social Emotional Learning?

A developmentally age appropriate framework underlying the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI), implemented through childhood. 


SEL development from a young age has a compounding effect on the skills that are most sought after in the 21st Century. These skills are key drivers of success through school, at the workplace and in life. 


Our Approach

EiSkool uses SELweb, a high - quality evidence based social emotional competence assessment to understand students’ areas of strength and needs. Learn more about this Direct Skills Assessment here.

Group and individual level data is used to inform instruction and pedagogy.

A data focussed partnership with schools with continuous feedback and improvement.


  • Pre assessment to determine student Social - Emotional skill level 

  • Need based analysis of school climate and classroom practice


  • Teacher intervention program - teacher SEL and well being

  • Student intervention program - media and activity based less


  • Teaching strategy and execution

  • Post assessment to inform next steps


Our Courses

Teacher Success - Module 1

Learning Circles

  • Proactive self care for Teachers
  • Inclusive sessions to build self awareness and practice reflection

  • Enables Teachers to better control their emotional reactivity and develop a deeper sense of purpose

Duration: 18 hours 

Batch Size: 10 to 30 teachers per batch

Teacher Success - Module 2

Teachers Lab

  • ​Interpretation, analysis and application of data to target instruction, individualize treatment, reconfigure strategies and pedagogical approaches. 

  • Build instructional excellence by integrating SEL in daily classroom activities.

Duration: 20 hours 

Batch Size: 10 to 30 teachers per batch

Student Well-being

SEL Lessons for Students

  • Emotional fitness sessions for children

  • Empowering them with successful coping and responding mechanisms to unlock an exponential upside.

  • Media and activity based program. 

Duration: 20 hours 

Batch Size: Upto 20 students per batch